How Does It Work

You can watch the instuction video of our website by clicking on the button above this text. This video will help you understand our website better and make it easier to operate.

Step 1:      Choose from three options:    

       Option 1   Upload your own image
       Option 2   Choose from our gallery
       Optie  3   Choose from millions of stock images

Step 2:    Enter the size of your wall in centimeters and choose the type of photo wallpapers you want. The photo wallpaper is available in 3 different strip widths. The types we offer are:
               Option 1 Non-woven wallpaper of 150 g / m2 with a standard strip width of 46.5 cm           = 14,95 € / m 2
               Option 2 Non-woven wallpaper of 200 g / m2 with strip widths of 75 cm or 150 cm            = 20,95 € / m 2
               Option 3 Seamless Heytex or Airtex vinyl wallpaper of 350 g / m2 with a maximum shortes size of 315 cm    = 30,95 € / m 2


              Over 5m2, above prices are inclusive of shipment costs and VAT

Step 3:  Do not forget to order your accessories from the gadget store 

Step 4: Enter your personal details, select a payment method and make the payment. Your order will be processed and shipped as soon as possible.

The photo wallpaper is very easy to apply;    Just cover the wall with wallpaper glue. There is no wallpaper table necessary .. !!!
The photo wallpaper is made of high-quality non-woven wallpaper. It is also washable and easy to take off and replace when it’s time for another idea.
This means no more hassle with steaming and spatulas.

The seamless vinyl wallpaper is very suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms, or spaces that get dirty rapidly.
It is widely used in restaurants, cafés and sports facilities.

If you still have questions, email us at