Online Photowall

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FotoMuur is your partner in printing your own images on non-woven wallpaper and seamless vinyl...!!

Not just a beautiful wallpaper, but your best photo on the wall!
Bring a special memory, a favorite place or an atmosphere in which you feel at home back to life with photo wallpaper.
It can be done simple, cheap and quick by having the wallpaper printed on non-woven wallpaper or seamless vinyl wallpaper.
Do you have a photo you want to be printed? Then choose the option "Upload your own image"

If your image is too big (+ 20MB ) or your internet is too slow, send us your files via We-Transfer. 
FotoMuur has its own department with We-Transfer, you can upload images up to 20GB. Click here 

Besides using your own image, you can also choose from a huge selection of images in our gallery to create your personal photo wallpaper.
Are you looking for a beautiful landscape, a sunset, a beautiful flower or another image? Then choose the option "Choose image from gallery".




If you do not have an appropriate image and haven’t found anything in our gallery, we have another option for you at Fotolia.
This site has millions of images in thousands of galleries. For this option you can click “Choose from millions of stock images".

We regularly use Fotolia to make the best photo wallpaper.
For you, the image is free. Follow the instructions and your personal photo wall becomes reality. 

We ensure that your personal image is printed on the highest quality non-woven wallpaper or vinyl.
Click this button   and read the instructions, if necessary.